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2016 ARBA Convention Results

October 9, 2016.  Del Mar, California.


BOB:  Wade Burkhalter, Fawn Jr Doe.
BOS:   Ali Price, Black Sr. Buck


BOV: Jann Hall, Sr. Doe
BOSV: Ali Price, Sr.  Buck


 Senior bucks                                     Senior does

 1. Ali Price - BOSV/BOSB            1.  Jann Hall - BOV
2. Kathy Mannweiler
3. Kathy Mannweiler
4. Jann Hall
5. Lorna Gardner


Junior bucks                                           Junior does

 1. Carrie  Thompson/Greg Faw     1.  Wade Burkhalter
2. Carrie Thompson/Greg Faw
3. Jann Hall



BOV: Chase Austin & Patrick Palladino, Sr. Doe
BOSV: Roy & Barb Semb, Sr. Buck

Senior bucks                                      Senior does

 1. Roy/Barb Semb – BOSV           1.  Austin/Palladino- BOV
2. Larry/Laura Atkins                           2.  Laurie Adams
3. Wade Burkhalter


Junior bucks                                       Junior does

 1. Austin/Palladino                        1.  Austin/Palladino
2. Jann Hall                                         2.  Jann Hall
                                                                  3.  Roy/Barb Semb



BOV: Wade Burkhalter, Jr. Doe
BOSV: Carrie Thompson & Greg Faw, Jr. Buck

Senior bucks                                      Senior does

 1. Larry/Laura Atkins                     1.  Laurie Adams
2. Laurie Adams                               2.  Laurie Adams
3. Austin/Palladino                         3.  Laurie Adams
4. Laurie Adams                               4.  Roy/Barb Semb
5. Laurie Adams                               5.  Austin/ Palladino


Junior bucks                                       Junior does

 1. Thompson/Faw                          1.  Wade Burkhalter
2. Jann Hall                                          2.  Austin/Palladino
                                                                    3.  Patty Beamer
                                                                    4.  Jann Hall



 1. Jann Hall
2. Carrie Thompson/Greg Faw
3. Carrie Thompson/Greg Faw
4. Jann Hall
5. Patty Beamer



BOB: Destiny Beamer, Fawn Jr. Doe
BOSB: Jordan Sager, Brown Sr Buck


-none shown- 


BOV: Jordan Sager, Sr Buck
BOSV: Jordan Sager, Sr Doe

Senior bucks                      Senior does

1. Jordan Sager                 1.  Jordan Sager
2. Hope Fahey                   2.  Hope Fahey

Junior bucks                       Junior does

1.Destiny Beamer            1.  Jordan Sager
                                                    2.  Destiny Beamer


BOV: Destiny Beamer, Jr. Doe
BOSV: Destiny Beamer, Sr. Buck

Senior Bucks                       Senior does

1. Destiny Beamer           1.  Lilya Gardner

Junior bucks                       Junior Does

None shown.                     1. Destiny Beamer

  2.       Jordan Sager



1.       Destiny Beamer
2.       Destiny Beamer
3.       Destiny Beamer

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