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Because the Silver is a rare breed, it can be difficult to find stock in your area.  Currently, the Silver "hotspots" are in New York state, Missouri, and California/Oregon, but there are a fair number of breeders scattered throughout the country.  Please don't give up the search!  Breeders are usually willing to help you locate someone nearby, even if they do not currently have stock for sale.  You can also check the National Silver Rabbit Club Facebook page.  If all else fails, you can rely on stock being available at the ARBA national convention each year. 

Not all members are posted in the listings, only those who have requested a listing.  Click on the district below to find the breeder listings for that region.  Feel free to contact an officer for more contacts.  If you are a member and have Silvers for sale, please send your information to our website editor so we can help breeders seeking stock!

ARBA District 1

WA, OR, ID, MT, WY, AK, Canada: Alberta, Saskatchewan and BC, and Japan

ARBA District 2

CA, NV, UT, AZ, HI, and Mexico

ARBA District 3
ND, SD, NE, MN, IA, and WI

ARBA District 4
CO, NM, TX, OK, and AR

ARBA District 5
KS, MO, and IL

ARBA District 6
LA, MS, GA, FL, PR, TN, and AL

ARBA District 7
NY, VT, NH, MA, ME, CT, RI, Quebec, and Eastern Canada

ARBA District 8
MI, IN, OH, KY, Manitoba and Ontario Canada

ARBA District 9
PA, WV, VA, NJ, DE, MD, NC, SC, DC, and all other Foreign Countries

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