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Sanctioned Shows

Attention show secretaries!   We have one of the lowest sanction fees of any National breed club!   The fee is only $7.00 per show, and youth is added free if requested with open.   Please consider supporting our breed by sanctioning your shows.  Click below to download a printable sanction form.

For members: What does "sanctioned" mean?  If an all-breed rabbit show is sanctioned with the American Rabbit Breeders Association, it can be sanctioned with the NSRC.   That simply means that the show secretary will turn in a report to our club secretary, and members who show there will earn sweepstakes points toward our annual competition.  If an ARBA show is not sanctioned by the NSRC, you can still show your Silvers, but you will not earn national points for them.  You can help out by showing more Silvers and promoting the breed in your area, and if they become more common, they will be more likely to be sanctioned by the local club hosting the show.  Most host clubs also allow you to pay to sanction your breed if you contact them in advance.







Upcoming Sanctioned Shows:

Remember, you can still show Silvers at any regular ARBA show, even if the breed is not sanctioned! 

9/1/23 Rabbit Renegades RBA - Lebanon, IN: Single Open & Youth

9/2/23 Rabbit Renegades RBA - Lebanon, IN: Triple Open & Youth; Single Open Specialty

9/2/23 Tiny Town RC - Alexandria, LA: Single Open Specialty

9/2/23 Central LA RBA - Alexandria, LA: Triple Open & Youth

9/2/23 Garden State RCBA - Augusta, NJ: Triple Open & Youth

9/6/23 Mid MO RBCA - Sedalia, MO: Double Open

9/7/23 Phelps Co RBA - Sedalia, MO: Double Open

9/8/23 Mid-Tex RBA - Belton, TX: Single Open & Youth

9/9/23 Mid Tex RBA - Belton, TX: Double Open & Youth

9/9/23 Crawford County Wild Hares - Marengo, IN: Double Open & Youth

9/9/23 Blue Mountain RBA - LaGrande, OR: Triple Open 

9/16/23 South Jersey RCBA - Logan Township, NJ: Double Open & Youth

9/16/23 Niagra Frontier RC - Batavia, NY: Double Open & Youth

9/23/23 Scott Co. 4H & YRC - Frankfort, KY: Double Open

9/23/23 North Country RBA - Bridgeport, NY: Double Open & Youth

9/24/23 Arkansas Oklahoma State Fair - Fort Smith, AR: Double Open & Youth

9/24/23 Cumberland Co. RBA of Maine - Cumberland, ME: Double Open

9/24/23 Central PA RBA & Try Co. Rabbit Club of PA - Huntingdon, PA: Double Youth

9/30/23 Miss Sala Bash RBA - Wabash, IN: Double Open & Youth

10/7-11/23 100TH ARBA CONVENTION - Louisville, KY: Single Open & Youth
10/7/23 Just For Fun RCBA - Goldwater, MI: Double Open & Youth 

10/21/23 NYRCBA Grand Finals - Cortland, NY: Double Open & Youth

10/22/23 NYRCBA Grand Finals - Cortland, NY: Single Open & Youth

10/27/23 Southwest Regional RBA - Wichita Falls, TX: Single Open & Youth; Single Open Specialty

10/28/23 Southwest Regional RBA - Wichita Falls, TX: Double Open & Youth

11/18/23 Baltimore & Howard Co. RCBA - West Friendship, MD: Double Open & Single Youth

11/18/23 Northwest Arkansas RC - Fayetteville, AR: Double Open & Youth

12/3/23 MO State RPA - Sedalia, MO: Double Open

2/1-3/24 Southwestern Expo & Livestock Show - Fort Worth, TX: Single Youth

You can now pay for show sanctions with PayPal!  Please log in to PayPal and send payment to: OR see button to the left.

Make sure to add a note with your payment as to what it's for.  You will also still have to send the sanction form via email or mail to Melissa so she has the information needed to provide the sanction.

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